Heather M. Herrington

7906 N Wilding Dr., Spokane WA, 99208  Cell: (509)-981-5836(preferred)  Home: (509)-466-3096


Career Objective: I’m an ambitious and motivated nature and landscape photographer student seeking enlightenment and experience.

Highlights of my qualifications:

  • Good with Composition                                Reliable and Dependable  
  • Lighting experience                                       Flexible
  • Organized                                                          Dedicated Team Player
  • Can Handle Required Equipment              Strong Work Ethic

Summary of skills:

  • Proficient with MS Word, PowerPoint, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop
  • Quick learner
  • Communication/Excellent customer service abilities
  • Some cashier knowledge
  • Good with money


Spokane Humane Society-Volunteer

Jenna Carroll             Work phone: (509) 467-5235 ext. 228

    • Assisting and communicating with potential customers
    • General cleanup of the facility
    • Keeping track of my own hours
    • Time management skills


Rogers High School                                                       Graduation year 2013

  • Lunch room cashier
  1. Handling/counting money
  2. Handling customers
  3. Working in high stress environment
  • Teacher’s assistant
  1. Organize items/fill out papers
  2. Use copier/printer

Spokane Falls community college

Photography AA Degree                                    Estimated Graduation Spring 2016